Monday August 19, 2013


I was looking at the calendar the other day, trying to plan out all the appointments and activities we have for this month. It finally sinks in my head that we are in the month of August and summer is almost over. That's right folks...Labor Day weekend, the debbie downer of summer, is only a couple of weeks away. Before I could raise my fist in the air and shake it with disappointment to the weather gods. Then I remembered another thing. The end of summer brings birth to my second favorite thing.
 I absolutely adore everything and anything about fall fashion. I have been on the computer for a week straight browsing through all the fall preview photos from last February. My boyfriend thinks I'm obsessing over it, but I just like to refresh my memory! There are some trends I am loving this year and cannot wait to layer up and throw on my favorite fall coat. Later on this week I am going to post some fall trends you can start wearing now, without looking like you jump the gun. Stay tuned my loves!

Are you as passionate about fall fashion as I am? Leave a comment below I would love to hear what you can't wait to wear this upcoming fall season.

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